Maris Subsea specialise in the provision of Client Representatives, Consultants & Auditing Personnel to Oil & Gas & Renewables projects worldwide.

As a founding service and core activity, the provision of Client Representatives is a key area of specialism for Maris. In support of our commitment to providing the very highest calibre personnel, our Client Representatives are subject to our in-house developed Competence Framework , which is bench-marked against IOGP and IMCA guidelines and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure on-going compliance.

Maris can call upon Representatives with experience dating from the very genesis of offshore construction projects to modern IRM and decommissioning projects in both the UKCS and internationally. With a range of experience and expertise from a range of native backgrounds such as Dive, ROV, Survey, Marine and Inspection, Maris has a range of the very highest calibre expertise available for deployment in what is a critical role.

Our ability to source the very best personnel as well as our internal knowledge of managing Client Representative Supply projects makes Maris one of the foremost names in the industry in this field.

Core Disciplines 

• Sat & Air Diving Client Representative
• Hydrographic Survey Client Representative
• ROV Client Representative
• Rock dumping Client Representative
• Trenching Client Representative
• Construction Client Representative
• Inspection Client Representative
• Technical Client Representative
• Marine Client Representative
• Auditor